Mother-daughter tradition




Today, Greta and I went for mother-daughter pedis at First Nails Salon in Westerville. It’s what we did the day before Magnus was born and our fun way of having a little girl time on our own. Our toes are now ready to be bared at the Polynesian’s volcano pool. Our feet are about to put in some serious mileage! Our flight leaves at 6am tomorrow so we’ll be getting up at 3am. The boys are already packed; the girls, not so much. Too busy getting beautified! So that’s our evening.

I also bought a pretty cherry-red keyboard for my iPad today, which is making writing blog entries SO much easier.




One thought on “Mother-daughter tradition

  1. Cute tootsies for the trip. Wonder if the polish will be all worn off by the time you get home. Hope everyone has fun and it is not too hot and muggy. Love you and have lots of fun. Tell Mickey and Minnie I said “HI”.

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