Day 1 – Aloha Green family!

Number of times someone has thrown up: 2
Number of times someone has fallen asleep: 4
Number of bottled waters we’ve purchased: 9
Number of live princesses we’ve seen: 0

It’s been a day of ups and downs — and it’s only 3pm. A day of great expectations and reactions that weren’t quite as Disney commercial-worthy as I was imagining. As I write this, Magnus is napping and Barrak took Greta to the pool. It’s POURING though — reminiscent of last year’s rained-out bust of a vacation in Destin — so I’m not sure what they’re doing. Both kids barfed on the flight. Greta sat with Barrak, and I sat with Magnus across the aisle. Suddenly Barrak was rifling through the seat pocket looking frantically for the barf bag and asking me for wet wipes. We thought we were done, then a few minutes later Magnus started looking a little green around the gills, and filled his barf bag too. Beyond that, they seemed to enjoy flying. While we were waiting to take off, Mag said, ‘When will we blast off?’

So now we’re here.

The Polynesian is a sprawling complex of dark brown wood buildings, all connected by a path lined by tiki torches and trafficked by tiny lizards. The grounds are lush and overgrown in a wild, authentic way. We’re in the Tahiti building. We’re near the beach, where they do nightly movies and where you can sit and see the Wishes fireworks they do at the Magic Kingdom. Downside is it’s a hike from the main building, and from the pool.

It is dated – very Brady Bunch goes to Hawaii. But it has personality. And you can’t beat it being on the monorail (the Grand Floridian and the Contemporary are the only other resorts the monorail goes directly through).

As soon as we got settled in our room, the kids wanted to go to the pool. Really wanted to go to the pool. I’m taking huge tears rolling down Mag’s face. The pool? The frigging POOL – are you kidding me? Don’t you want to see the castle and the princesses and DISNEY WORLD?? Besides that, the pool was out of the question: our luggage with our swimsuits hadn’t been delivered from the airport yet. So we had to go to the Magic Kingdom. “Don’t worry, it will be magical,” Barrak said. “We’ll get ice cream,” I said.

It has been hazy and overcast. I looked over at Barrak at one point and it looked like he’d just mowed the lawn at high noon. We rented a stroller, which is a must. We did it because so many other friends insisted it’s a must; we had our doubts but thank god we got one.

We did Under the Sea, the ride where you sit in a clamshell and ride through an underground show about the Little Mermaid. We rode the Flying Dumbo ride. We did the carousel. Barrak gnawed on a pork shank at Gaston’s Pub. Magnus rode his first rollercoaster – Goofy’s Barnstormer. It was legit! Fast and twisty. And he loved it. He cried and cried that we couldn’t ride it again; passers-by must have thought he was traumatized. He fell asleep on the monorail ride home.

We’re headed back to the Kingdom for a 6:25 dinner reservation at Crystal Palace. I really want to go to the Haunted Mansion, and Barrak wants to do Thunder Mountain. I think he and I might be more excited about Disney than the kids.








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