P.S. Name change

I’m changing the name of this blog but not the URL – at least not yet. I could not continue with suburbabble after seeing how many other blogs go by the same name.

We’re the Mini-Van occurred to me as I was thinking of the last time Barrak and I had a date. We went to The Pearl, Deep Wood, G. Michael’s and Lindey’s all in one night. We coolly pulled up to the valet blasting Kanye West courtesy of Barrak’s iPhone. But when the valet brought it to us at the end of the night, the iPhone connection had reverted back to my music library — and the last song I’d played was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Hot Dog” song. I mean, it was THUMPING. We laughed. We’re the mini-van.


One thought on “P.S. Name change

  1. Barrak’s first big boy roller coaster was Thunder Mountain. He didn’t want to ride it, but dad insisted. Once he was finished with the first ride, he kept going back for more. Magnus is just like his father. Let the little boy ride!

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