Day 2 – Princesspalooza

It was another stifling hot day at the Magic Kingdom, and the princesses were out in full force. We got there around 9:30am, picked up our rented stroller and hit it. First stop: Storybook Princess photo-op. Greta and I stood in line for a good 40 minutes to meet and get the autographs of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. Cinderella is definitely the elder statesman of the park. Sleeping Beauty is the cousin who ran away to L.A. when she was 17, and slinked back at 22. And Rapunzel is the It girl. We saw all of them – many two or three times.

These girls have got to be wack in their personal lives. They all talk with this creepy, fakey, stalker voice.

Our two main attractions for the first part of the day: Bibbibi-Bobbidi-Boutique, where Greta got gussied up like a ghetto princess (“Disney Diva” on the menu of looks you choose from) and Magnus got gelled and glittered like a knight. Greta loved it – so it was worth the money. Her stylist quizzed her on princess trivia while she shellacked, pinned and teased her ‘do. Greta’s hair is thicker and more princess like than the sparse-looking extensions they stuck on her.

The Boutique is right across the walkway from Cinderella’s castle, which is where we had lunch – again with princesses. This time we were joined by Ariel and Jasmine. Cinderella’s Royal Table is a restaurant in the top level of the castle. The whole place is medieval, which shields and knights everywhere. Guess Prince Charming did the decorating. You go up a spiral staircase to the restaurant, and then the princesses come in one by one and make their rounds to sign autograph books and take pictures. I’ve read so many bad reviews of the food at Disney so my expectations have been in the basement. So far, it’s been above average. You’re usually just so grateful to sit down, eat, see your kids eat, and have them be occupied.

After a pool break and a round of showers and baths, we’re heading back out for dinner and the Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom tonight: 11pm to 1am!











Notice how Magnus is more interested in smelling his sweet potato french fry than talking to Jasmine.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Princesspalooza

  1. Some of the princesses look a little long in the tooth, but that’s probably due to some anti-discrimination statute. Still, the costumes and child imaginations transform them into the fairy tale characters, and both appear to be loving it. When the kids love it, mom and dad have to be happy with the decision to vacation in the Magic Kingdom. It is a perfect age for Greta, and for Mr. Maturity, pretty close to the right time. I’m enjoying the blog.

  2. looks like fun is being had by all !!!! We all went to the fair in an effort to compete , we got the short end of the stick!!!!!! an a trip to the toilet .

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