Day 3 – Epcot

We took a break from the Magic Kingdom and visited Epcot today. Barrak summed it up best when he said, I loved it until we got to dinner.
Here’s how it went down:
9:30am: Arrived at Epcot, and there was almost no one there. It was an oven today. We picked up our daily stroller rental, which is being comped by Disney because the third-party vendor screwed up.
10am: Squeezed in a Finding Nemo underground ride. It got high marks from the kids. We rode it again later in the day. There’s not much for little ones at Epcot.
10:50am: Storytime with Mary Poppins. It was weird that it was at Epcot, but apparently Mary Poppins hangs out in the UK part of the World Showcase. It was painfully boring.
11am – 5pm: Lunch with the princesses at the Akershus Royal House in Norway and country-hopping in the World Showcase. I loved this part of the trip – it’s one of the few memories I have of visiting Disney with my family when I was 11 or so. We ate at the Biergarten during that visit. Today, I popped in the Biergarten just to take a picture.
5:30pm: Dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel in Mexico. I was so looking forward to this reservation. Unfortunately, it was a bust.
7pm: Back at the Polynesian for a night swim at the pool, showers, etc.
10pm: Watched the Wishes fireworks from our beach by the Polynesian.
10:30pm: Kids fell asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. They have both developed coughs. Luckily, my think-of-everything husband packed every cough syrup and cold medicine we own.

Here are the results of the ‘What was your favorite thing today?’ poll:
Magnus: Going to the pool.
Greta: Everything. I can’t decide.
Barrak: Lunch at Akershus. He got to have a cold Carlsburg beer, smoked trout, herring and salmon, and traditional meatballs with lingonberry chutney.
Me: The vanilla gelato I had at Italy. The only bummer was, Barrak took a picture of me and my cone. In my head, I pictured Gwyneth Paltrow coolly enjoying a gelato. In reality, it was 5’2″ me in ill-advised denim cutoffs with a pudgy middle who had no business enjoying a gelato. But damn, it was good. Creamier than ice cream, and you just feel glamorous eating it.

It all deteriorated around dinnertime. Greta didn’t like anything on the kids’ menu, and Barrak wasn’t tolerating it. She cried through pretty much the whole experience. Magnus bonked his head getting up from the table, so he was wailing as we walked out. Ugh. It was a dud.

The other reality of the day: we’ve already used up all of our Table Services on our dining plan. It’s Monday and we’re here until Friday. We still have all our Quick Services. It’s basically the difference between eating at a restaurant where you get served, and Chipotle, where you stand in line and take your food and go find your own table. We each get one Quick Service and one Table Service per day we’re here. But some of these princess things cost TWO Table Services. The good news is, I’m done with these reservations. Everyone insists you have to have them. And you do at some places. The rub is it ties you to certain parks and you have no flexibility to eat when and where you feel like it. For example, today we had lunch and dinner reservations at Epcot. So we found ourselves trying to find things to do during that 6-hour stretch.

I came back to the room and canceled and rearranged several reservations, and it was such a relief.



Barrak and Magnus in their clam shell at the Nemo ride.


Mary Poppins storytime. Patsy, you’re way more fun!

Magnus and his new stuffed reindeer in front of the Viking exhibit in Norway.



Finally, some beer with our meal at Akershus!

We met Mulan in Japan, in the World Showcase.



Hey, mom, dad and Bran: remember eating at the Biergarten?

You better believe your sweet bubbie we’re coming home with one of these Christmas tree pickle ornaments.

We also popped into the Rose & Crown Pub in the UK to cool down and get a round of Stella Artois and Shirley Temples.




2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Epcot

  1. I remember mostly our time spent at Epcot was kind of boring except for all the countries. I remember the German Biergarten, France, Japan and Norway. Has it changed much?

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