Day 5 – Back at the Magic Kingdom

Today, after riding through Pirates of the Caribbean, Magnus got his face painted like a pirate at the Pirate’s League in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom. He also got a pirate name (Jason Sea Menace), a t-shirt, sword, bag of treasure, map, and other goodies. Greta got done up like a beautiful mermaid, and dressed in a mermaid t-shirt and iridescent skirt.

The oil paint these artists used at the ‘pirate salon’ are hard-core! The kids’ make-up survived cheeseburgers and PB&Js (a Smucker’s Uncrustable – welcome to Quick Service) at Pecos Bill’s, waiting in the blazing sun for 30 minutes to meet Merida with lots of water swigs and eye rubs, and two hours of swimming at the pool. But they were no match for Clinique’s Take the Day Off make-up remover!



My beauty.

Our mean pirate faces.

Glad I packed you, Take the Day Off!

Merida from the movie Brave. She was cute – not as weird as the more traditional storybook princesses. The kids are wearing their pirate and mermaid garb by this time.

The kids and Barrak ran into Princess Tiana while I was getting my coffee. Barrak snapped these pictures with my phone. Magnus was wearing an Ohio State jersey before he changed into a pirate. And yes, we got an ‘O-H…’ within 20 seconds of entering the park.


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