Day 6 – Animal Kingdom

Today is our last full day at Disney World, and we spent the morning and early afternoon at Animal Kingdom. Greta has been excited for this park all week. It’s a beautiful, shady park and you can knock it out in a half-day. The Kilimanjaro safari is the main attraction. You ride in an open-air jeep-like truck while the driver points out different animals.

We came back after having lunch and riding a few rides, then played at the pool from 3 – 4pm. The kids are napping now because A) they are exhausted and B) we are spending the evening at the Magic Kingdom. It’s our last night here!

Barrak is the Clark Griswold of the family. He is up, showered and coffee-d up before we get up. He wanted to get an early start today but the kids weren’t having it. That is Magnus sleeping.


We had to take a 15-minute bus ride from the Polynesian to the Animal Kingdom.

The Tree of Life.




The animals were pretty close to our jeep.

There were lots of baobab trees and ‘termite mounds,’ which elephants use to scratch their backs.



There’s a gorilla sanctuary inside the park. It’s neat to see these guys without a piece of glass between you.

Inside the park, there’s an Africa section and an Asia/Nepal-like section. “Harambe” is the village in Africa. The signs and buildings all look so authentic, and African music plays throughout.

We took a train to another part of the park that had a petting zoo. The kids love to brush smelly animals.

Barrak found this Ethiopian beer called St George. It’s a lager and kind of tasted like Stella Artois. It hit the spot.

We ate lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue. It was pretty tasty for a Quick Service. They specialize in BBQ – ribs, half-chickens, etc. It was too hot for me so I got a turkey sandwich. It came on a hearty oat bread with a cranberry mayo that was really good and unexpected. In case you were wondering, Greta gave her Uncrustable two thumbs up. Since we have like 16 Quick Services left and we leave tomorrow, Barrak bought 6 more Uncrustables to tuck in the backpack.



We sat in an outdoor seating area that gave us a nice view of the Expedition Everest rollercoaster across the pond. Too big of a thrill ride for Greta and Magnus.


After lunch, we rounded the corner and came face to face with Barrak’s favorite amusement park / fair / festival food: the roasted turkey leg. What a kick in the pants.

DinoLand is another section of the Animal Kingdom park. Greta and Barrak rode the Primeval Whirl. Magnus wasn’t tall enough, and he was heartbroken.

To make him feel better, we rode Chester & Hester’s Dino-Rama. Just like the Dumbo ride at the Magic Kingdom but with dinosaurs instead of lovable, bullied baby elephants.

In DinoLand, they have a cast replica of the “Sue” T. Rex fossil that was discovered in South Dakota in 1990.

Keeping cool with another icy bottle of Dasani.

We sat at the back of the bus on the way home so I had to take a picture a la the last scene of The Graduate. That is not my hand on Barrak’s face.


One thought on “Day 6 – Animal Kingdom

  1. Of all the things in these pictures, the one small detail that truly captures the spirit of Disney is the specifically made for Disney credit card / Disney pass payment machine where you swipe your card over the Mickey Mouse shaped head. I stared these things down all day, everyday.

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