Stroller city

Whether you rent a stroller or bring your own, having a stroller at Disney World is a must, even if your kids are well out of them in normal life. Our double-stroller rental is $31 a day. There’s a stroller rental desk at the entrance of every park. So we charge it to the room and, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the Poynesian takes the charges off. The company we were going to use, Discount Stroller Orlando, has been unreachable and we paid them $70 before we got down here. So even though Discount Stroller has nothing to do with Disney, Disney felt bad about it and offered to comp it.

For almost every ride or attraction you go to, there’s ‘stroller parking’ nearby. They have people who do nothing but organize the strollers into neat little rows. On our first day, we parked the stroller any old place while we got rode the carousel. When we came back, it was gone. I assumed someone went off with it. Nope. It was just moved to stroller parking.


You write your name on an insert so you can locate your stroller when you come back to it.


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