Last night of vacation

It’s been raining since 5pm. We thought it would clear but it’s been a light steady rain for several hours. The Polynesian was filled with luau guests who fled for cover. Still, we got on the monorail and ventured into the Magic Kingdom. I was hoping for a fun, cheap dinner, a leisurely last stroll and some fireworks to go out with a bang.

But, dinner was kind of a bust. Barrak got coney dogs from Casey’s Corner, but he didn’t want to sit down to eat (remember what I said about Clark Griswold? We’ve got a schedule here, people!) The dogs looked big and sloppy — definitely a two-hander — and it’s raining and we have a stroller to push. So I passed. Now we’re in line for the Buzz Lightyear ride. While waiting in the winding indoor part, there is a loud, constant military drumming and alarms going off. We thought the rain would clear out the Magic Kingdom but the waits actually seem longer and the park vibe even more frenetic. There’s always breakfast tomorrow to help us wrap on a high note.





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