Departure Day – Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch

Our own hotel, the Polynesian, offers a character breakfast at ‘Ohana with Lilo and Stitch, the stars of the movie by the same name. It’s the most non-sensical story involving a little Hawaiian girl, Lilo, and her alien buddy, Stitch. The only reservation we could get was at 8:10am, which suited us fine since our flight was at 2:55pm and we promised the kids one more quick dip in the pool.

The breakfast was served family-style: a giant metal platter of standard scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and roasted potato wedges; a dish of fresh fruit and dip; all the Mickey-shaped waffles you can eat; and a refreshing orange-passionfruit-mango juice.

What we were really paying for: the chance to meet Lilo & Stitch.

Good morning Hollywood!

Magnus will try anything. He’s a good eater and filled his plate with eggs, sausage, waffles and fruit.

The ubiquitous Mickey-shaped waffles. Nearly every Disney restaurant offers them.


Bonus surprise! Mickey was also in the house.

My kids are not joiners. So I was surprised when they grabbed maracas and joined the singing and dancing parade that Lilo led around the restaurant.

Magnus has a stuffed Stitch so meeting the real Stitch was quite a thrill.

A quick monorail ride up to the Grand Floridian’s nice gift shop for some gifts to bring home.

One of the few pictures we managed of the entire family.

One more quick trip to the pool with Barrak while I packed.

These ‘autograph books’ are sold all over Disney World. At first, I thought they were cheesy. But you soon find that every other kid has them, and every character kind of expects it. They ended up being a great little keepsake for the kids to look back at. And it gives everyone something to do besides stare at each other and hug.


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