You might say it’s a kind of voyeurism.

I love to know what people are having for dinner. What they ordered at that new restaurant downtown. What beauty potions and products are on their bathroom counter. Where they shop. What they do on weekends. What activities their kids are doing. What books they’re loving or leaving.

I suspect there are others of you who wonder about the same things. We’re always looking for ideas, right?

Now that our Disney vacation is over, I plan to continue this blog. Look for beauty and restaurant reviews, shopping confessions, book of the week, weekend recaps and what’s for dinner.

Don’t worry Grandma and Grandpa – I’ll also blog about what Greta and Magnus are up to.

I hope you’ll take a peek every now and then.

This is my jewelry and perfume shelf in my closet. I use a tie rack to hold necklaces. I recently added a bottle of Dolce and Gabbana Pour Femme to the tray, courtesy of my husband.

It’s sweet and rich-smelling. Not sure it will overtake what has been my on-and-off signature scent for the past 10+ years: Hanae Mori.

Tell me: what’s YOUR signature scent?


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