Cincy tennis


The tennis tournament in Mason, Ohio has benefitted from a major update. It’s been a few years since we’ve gone, and in that time, they’ve built new courts, new outdoor seating with Astroturf and white tables and chairs, a huge TV viewing area, a fancy margarita bar, and brought in new vendors and sponsors. They’ve also replaced the predictable food court with a row of upscale food booths like Fusian, a build-your-own sushi place, and an artisanal sandwich place.

American John Isner won the first semi-final of the day against Argentinian Juan del Potro. Isner was such a boring player to watch. He is extremely tall and just loped around — but he was a real crowd favorite today, I guess because he’s American. Next up was Nadal vs. Berdych. Nadal, unlike Isner, is like a tiger let out of his cage or a boxer about to enter the ring. So full of energy and fire.

We absolutely baked in the sun today, like we always do in Mason. We both got a little sunburned. But we had a great day hanging out, just the two of us while my mom stayed with the kids. Barrak bought me an $18 glass of Moët and Chandon champagne… and then another. We drank in Moet’s white lounge decorated with large vases of gold Christmas tree balls. The bubbly was cold and crisp and refreshing.

We had much better seats for the evening match. Only 6 or 7 rows from the court. And bonus: they were in the shade. We’ve seen Nadal, Federer, Roddick and other biggies over the years, but never Serena Williams. So tonight, we got to see Miss Williams. What an interesting cat. She is very Zen. She’s kind of slow moving and almost in a daze in between points. She talks to herself a lot and seemed almost vulnerable out there, despite her imposing physique.

I ran into my lovely old friend Kendall Broers Lallathin, with her husband Andy. She looked so pretty and fresh to my sweaty, ponytailed self. It was great to see her.

Cincinnati people are definitely cut from a different cloth. Very country club, Lacoste, J. Crew. A stark contrast to the folks you see at a Cleveland Browns game, for example. Columbus is a happy medium I guess.






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