Late to the party

I really like this Apothic Red! I think it’s kind of trendy right now, but with good reason. It’s smooth. Not wimpy but also doesn’t sear a hole in your stomach. It’s a blend. There’s this other good red called Rhiannon that’s been on sale at Giant Eagle lately – a $20 bottle of wine marked down to $10. Also a blend. Barrak and I have concluded that we must like blends. It’s good to know something with certainty. Years ago, we loved riojas. Now we like blends.




One thought on “Late to the party

  1. I like the apothic red, but seldom buy it unless headed to your house. If it came in half bottles I would buy it more often, but it seems a waste to buy a bottle, drink part of it, and let the rest oxidize.

    Is that your new laptop?

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