What’s for dinner

It’s complicated.

We were out and about when it became clear Magnus had to eat. This. Minute. Or. Else.

This kid eats constantly throughout the day and he’s still a little minute. He seems to be getting taller every day but he’s not adding any heft. Around 5 p.m. yesterday, his chants of ‘I’m hungy’ because so pathetic, we got him some mini hot dog pretzel bites at Auntie Anne’s in the mall food court. We were at the mall — in the Apple store — so we could admire the new Mac we ordered online last week. It should be arriving tomorrow.

Of course, Greta didn’t want hot dog pretzel bites so we stopped at Raising Caine’s on the way home to get her some chicken tenders. Magnus wanted some of those too, in addition to the 8 hot dog bites he’d had.

Then when we got home, I made chicken quesadillas for Barrak and me. I used this recipe from Pioneer Woman. They were delish! I’ll definitely make again. You sprinkle taco seasoning on the chicken breasts, saute them, then chop them up. Then you saute sliced yellow, red and green peppers, and sliced onion. That becomes the filling, along with lots of shredded Monterey Jack cheese. They’re crispy on the outside and gooey and cheesy inside.

Next time, I’ll use poblano peppers and maybe some jalapeño.

I bought a Teflon griddle from Target just for the occasion. It spans both burners. What a great purchase. Now I don’t have to make grilled cheeses one at a time, or grilled bread for bruschetta in small batches. And I was able to make both of our quesadillas at once.

Sorry, no picture of these little gooey delights – it was late and the light was bad.

But here’s a shot of my new griddle!



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