A great Halloween read


I bought this book, Dark Places, for my mom for Mother’s Day but I ended up buying it for myself a few weeks ago.

It is SO good. It’s usually nighttime when I get the chance to read a few chapters. So when I’m supposed to be calming my mind and body, I’m frozen in my bed, shoulders are up around my ears and I keep peering down the dark hallway because I thought I saw something.

It’s about a girl whose entire family is massacred on their Kansas farm on a cold January night 25 years ago. The girl was in the house but manages to survive. At 7 years old, she testifies against her teenage brother and he is convicted of the crime. Now in her early 30s, Libby Day is kind of a stunted mess. To make a few extra bucks, she hooks up with a club that’s obsessed with solving real-life sensational crimes like hers. Through them, she begins to have doubts about whether her brother truly did it.

The story flips back and forth between present-day and that fateful day. It’s both heartbreaking and terrifying.


2 thoughts on “A great Halloween read

  1. Dudley loaned a book to me. Threat Vector is more than seven hundred pages, and I didn’t start it right away. Then, Tom Clancy died, and I decided to read a tiny bit. Now, I can’t put it down. I’m little more than half way, and put myself to bed with it each night. For Christmas two years ago, Louise gave me a bed cushion with light, heat and massager. It really comes in handy with this book. I am sorry I haven’t read more of Tom Clancy. I would NEVER have the nerve to read what you are reading. I do not like adrenalin rushes.

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