My baby girl turned 6 today


Greta, my Halloween baby, turned 6 years old today. We let her choose where she’d like to go for dinner. Her choice: Marcella’s. This place is a family favorite. It’s upscale but not too fancy for a family of four. For her birthday dinner, Greta had spaghetti with marinara, and a chocolate almond cake.

My pregnancy with Greta was a dream. I did have gestational diabetes and developed PUPPs 11 days before I had her. Other than that, I loved being pregnant. I never had morning sickness or stretch marks or anything like that. And I got to take a little friend with me everywhere I went.

When Greta was born, she was perfect. She was 7 pounds and had a ton of thick, dark hair, pink cheeks and rosebud lips. When I held her against my chest, she would look up at me and purse her lips and make an ‘o’ shape like she was trying to drink out of a straw. She looked like one of the Peanuts characters when they sing in the choir, their faces pointed toward the sky.

Now she’s 6 and learning to read. She likes to shop at Justice. She’s moving on from cartoons and taking an interest in live-action TV shows. The other day she was laughing at an old Laverne & Shirley. She’s lost 3 teeth and wears deodorant. Most days, she wakes up on the sunny side. She shares her last McNugget with her brother.

Tomorrow, we’re going to have a mommy-daughter outing to Easton so she can pick out her American Girl doll.

Here are pictures from this evening – opening a few presents from mommy and daddy, and blowing out candles at her birthday dinner:









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