The One-Year Shopping Cleanse

I have been a shopping glutton the past couple weeks. With credit cards in hand, I gorged myself on Ann Taylor shoes, J. Crew shirts and Banana Republic baubles. With a business trip to New York coming up, and a couple key evening events on the agenda, I felt the need to spruce up my blah wardrobe.

Have you ever taken down an entire small pizza yourself? Or mindlessly unwrapped and eaten a whole bag of Lindor truffles? That’s how I feel. Gross and ashamed. So I’m going cold turkey.

No more shopping. For one whole year. I’m serious! And it’s gonna hurt. I actually made this resolution last week after my final trip to the mall – the proverbial last truffle in the bag, where I really didn’t need one more but I couldn’t help myself. The kids and I were at the mall until 8:30 p.m. They were tired and grouchy – acting up by taking their shoes off in Banana Republic and drumming on the gold ‘art’ tree-like thingy in J. Crew. Who could blame them? They should have been at home, in the tub. Instead they were out and about while mom cruised the mall for her next fix.

New clothes, new shoes, new jewelry – that’s my drug. How did I get to be such a shopaholic? Maybe it comes from wearing K Mart and Gold Circle clothes as a kid. I was always coveting the Guess? jeans the Stephanies and Heathers of my class were wearing. The white Reeboks and Outback Red 10-button henleys. The new stuff = you’re in! Whatever the psychology, it’s time to get clean.

So the cleanse starts now. A few exceptions: I’ll still shop for the kids, family members and husband. I’ll still spend on beauty essentials like moisturizer, shampoo, and haircuts.

The thought of making it through Christmas, spring and summer 2014, all the way into next fall… it doesn’t seem doable. I’m already coveting the sweaters in this Redbook magazine slideshow. The first step is withdrawal…

So instead of buying what I want, I’ll blog about it. Maybe you can buy it and tell me what it’s like.


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