Ode to toast


In the morning, when you have good bread and don’t have to eat in your car, there’s nothing better than buttered toast.

For good toast, it’s all about the bread. The craggy nooks and airy, chewy texture of the so-called Tuscany sliced bread from Giant Eagle’s bakery turns out the PERFECT toast. That’s right – I’m shouting. It’s good toast.

The top of the bread, where it’s really airy and craggy, gets close to burnt. It’s the same roasty, toasty aroma that emanates from Stauf’s coffee roasters in Grandview in the early morning hours.

This perfect toast is what I had for breakfast today. It was fuel for turning the living room into a ‘zoo,’ going to the park, hitting Giant Eagle for a few odds and ends and gas for the Black Pearl, making dinner, helping the kids paint approximately 19 pictures, and getting them to bed by 9pm.

No Wonder Bread toast, please.



This is an entirely gratuitous but wonderful shot of Mag at the park. If Magnus were a food, I think he’d be buttered toast made with good bread. Golden. Complex and chewy. Special.


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