Don’t worry, people. I didn’t fall off the wagon and buy perfume.

The truth is, swearing off shopping has been incredibly liberating.

I no longer feel anxiety about amassing new STUFF to constantly refresh my closet. I feel good about the stuff I have — better than before.

When I picked up my dry-cleaning, I felt excited about the goodies coming back to my closet rather than anxious.

I can’t explain this weight that has been lifted. I know it’s weird. I don’t even understand it myself. I’m just reporting the facts.

Earlier this week, Magnus and I went to the mall to return these cognac leather Banana Republic booties.

“We just got our new holiday collection!” Julie, BR lifer, chirped when we entered the store. Ugh. It was true. The store is decked out with tables of cable turtlenecks, chic cream and tan cords, faux-fur and black lace dresses for holiday parties and Nutcracker matinees.

Normally when returning something and getting the amount subtracted from my credit card, I would consider it a ‘credit’ to the good that I should spend promptly. I didn’t feel that way this time. Wasn’t even tempted.

I did buy a bottle of Clinique’s Take the Day Off make-up remover from Macy’s while at the mall. But I consider that an essential toiletry, like shampoo. It’s the only thing that gets my eye make-up off. And the girl threw in a sample of their new fragrance, Calyx.

As some of you may remember, Calyx was the name of the signature fragrance at the now-defunct cosmetics line Prescriptives, which I believe Clinique owned. I never used the stuff back then but I really like my sample.

It smells like juicy pink grapefruit, gardenias and white Hawaiian flowers. Really clean and summery. It’s more of a spring-forward scent than a fall-back one. Maybe someone will get me a bottle for Mother’s Day.



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