Sweet rice bowl


This is the kind of sweet rice bowl you might curl up with on a blustery morning after returning from yoga class, when you’re feeling virtuous and centered but also starving. It’s a simple, swoony concoction from my trusty My Father’s Daughter cookbook.

I’ve had a big Mason jar of brown rice on the kitchen counter forever, mainly for decoration. I finally cooked it up and stored it in a Tupperware container with this breakfast in mind.

As soon as I blew in from trying a class at the Yoga Factory, I got to work on this business. I heated up the brown rice in a small saucepan with a little milk until it was creamy and porridge-like. I added a handful of oven-roasted pecans and sliced bananas, and drizzled warm maple syrup on top. It was hot and sweet and satisfying, like a no-guilt pecan pie.

That’s the great thing about yoga. It makes you want to eat more healthfully for days afterward. Who wants to do all those vinyasas and warrior poses, then go eat a big fatty burger or quesadilla? Then again, a protein shake doesn’t seem quite right either.

It was my first time trying Yoga Factory, and I liked it well enough to buy a package of 5 classes. The instructor kicked off class with an anecdote about Mother Teresa and why she would not participdate in anti-war rallies — only pro-peace ones. Oh brother, I thought. I hate touchy-feeling Ohmmmmm type yoga classes. Thankfully, once we started, it got more athletic.

Years ago, when I took yoga at V Power Yoga downtown, the fantastic owner there, Julie, taught us how to breathe low and slow and loud. I love getting to that point in class, when your muscles are warm and limber and your breathing sounds like a furnace.

I’m looking forward to doing some yoga for a while, and getting a change of pace from my usual boot camp-like class.


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