Crazy Loom!




After several attempts to manipulate these tiny rubber bands around my fingers and twist them into something resembling a bracelet, I gave up.

“Your mommy’s too old to learn stuff like this, babe,” I told Greta.

“Here momma, let me show you,” she said patiently.

“You put a band on your pointer and your tall man. Then you put another one on top, then bring up the one on the bottom to the middle, then the other side…”

We were making rubber band bracelets. Ever since Greta got three Crazy Looms for her 6th birthday a few weeks ago, she’s been looking for someone who can show her how to use it. These things are all the rage. Finally, Emily, the 2nd grader next door, came over and gave Greta a lesson. Apparently the cool girls use their fingers, not the loom. That night, Greta wanted to teach me.

“Here momma, let me show you.”

I finally got it after a few tries. Making these rubber band bracelets is addictive, kind of relaxing. It’s so rewarding to learn a new skill like that. From your 6 year old to boot.


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