Happy birthday to my beautiful mom

Things I inherited from my mom:

Love of cooking
Love of reading cookbooks like they’re novels
Love of tomatoes
Love of spooky movies
Love of old black-and-white movies
Love of Hitchcock movies
Belief that hot tea can cure a lot
Inability to drink cough syrup without gagging
Low resistance to ’80s dramas like Dallas, Falcon Crest and Knot’s Landing
White blonde hair that, when you’re all grown up, needs professional help
Freckles that come out in the sun
Love of women’s magazines
Desire to change the configuration of large furniture every three months
Love for reading in bed at night
Being a sucker for awards shows
Inability to watch script Ohio without getting choked up
A poochy tummy
Unabashed devotion to potato chips and dip
Compassion for strangers
Love of TOAST – and belief that a layer of butter before the peanut butter is perfectly OK

For that and a whole lot more, thanks mom. Hope you had a sweet 67th.


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