Lodge moccasins


Because it was a nasty, wet, blustery day, I dressed this morning in the J. Crew herringbone cargo pants that I bought months ago, before I swore off shopping. They were so tight, I knew I’ve had a stomachache by lunchtime. I’m chalking it up to inconsistent sizing, and the fact that they’re “skinny” cargos.

Tonight after work, I ran to the mall to get new snow pants for Greta because she looks like Ed Grimley in the bubble-gum pink ones she’s had for a few years. I also popped into J. Crew to trade my tighty-woolly pants for the next size up.

The big wooden table in the middle of J. Crew is piled with cashmere everything, vintage-y jewelry trays, trendy iPhone cases, fancy milk bar soaps, checked flannel PJ pants and baskets of these cute slippers. Can I tell you how soft the fur is? It is SO soft. I’m pretty sure they’re made from kittens, and they’re only $49.50.

I would pad around the house in these but good. I would have my morning coffee and take out the trash in these. I would make Thanksgiving dinner in these. They say to the world, “I like to sail on Lake Erie and do the Sunday crossword.” They say “I am all about practicality but a little luxury never hurts.” They are so grandma Betty.


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