Winter in Ohio

I worked from home yesterday. Both kids were home with me (no school for Greta and Magnus hasn’t started yet). It was a frustrating day for all of us.

Frustrating for me because it’s hard to write when you’re constantly stopping to wipe behinds, warm up oatmeal, let the dog in, cut gift wrap so they could wrap presents for their stuffed animals, download “Little Girl Salon” on Greta’s phone, and come see the flying doggie Magnus made out of play food (‘the lettuce is the wings!’).

And frustrating for them because they don’t understand why their crabby mom can’t stop and play zoo or take them outside. Finally, at 3pm, I took them in the backyard. The fresh air did us all good.




We went to a Christmas party last night — and Santa was there! Greta told him she wanted Zoomer the Dog (uh oh).


Magnus told Santa he wanted ‘bugs and spiders.’

By the way, if any of you are wondering what I ended up taking to the party, you’ll be disappointed. I got some great suggestions — ahi tuna is baked wonton cups (thanks Dan), Reuben dip (thanks Jim), broiled crab and cheese on English muffins (thanks Ellen) — but I ran out of time. Hello Waters Edge Grill? I’d like two pounds of naked chicken wings please. It was easy, close and I knew my kids would eat it.


Our backyard on Saturday morning. So pretty.


Our first snowman of the year!


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