Four things

Marcella's Whiskey Rosso -- pronounced 'row-so'

Marcella’s Whiskey Rosso

Whiskey Rosso

When we need a cure for being at the Polaris Mall too long — kids are whining — we haul the whole crabby family across the street to Marcella’s. That was us Saturday night after an ill-advised trip to the Apple store and GAP. I always order the Whiskey Rosso – pronounced ‘row-so.’ It tastes like a whiskey-soaked plum — fruity and tart and boozy. And sweet salvation. It’s made with Jameson whiskey, passionfruit puree and chianti.The kids get pasta, and everyone’s happy.


Chicken chili

I made chicken chili yesterday from my Barefoot Contessa book, Parties! It’s in the Winter Parties chapter, as part of the “Snow Day” menu. It’s just the thing after you’ve come in from sledding. I cut the recipe in half. The red and yellow peppers get really soft and the chicken falls apart after a few hours. Shredded Monterey Jack cheese and sour cream are great finishing touches.

A blankie cape!

A blankie cape!

A superhero

Such a little boy thing to do – tuck your blankie into your shirt and run around the house saying you’re Batman.


Dr. Pet Play app

Greta plays this game on our iPads. It’s the cutest game. It’s just like an electronic clipboard that real doctors have. In Dr. Pet Play, you (the vet) interview the owner of the sick stuffed animal, take their picture, name them, enter their vitals. You can even see an x-ray of the animal and circle the symptomatic areas.


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