Egg soufflé


I usually make this egg soufflé with Gruyere cheese and chives on Christmas morning. Despite the thousands of ‘make ahead’ egg dishes in the world, I choose to make this one, which requires constant stirring of a roux, careful folding and immediate baking. To boot, the kids won’t touch it. But the grown-ups like it, and it was lovely alongside Grandpa’s rib-sticking sausage gravy and biscuits. It’s light and elegant and — for a soufflé — foolproof.

Foolproof unless you realize on Christmas morning that you forgot to buy Gruyere cheese. Sliced baby Swiss made an OK substitute. After 15 minutes in the freezer, I was able to grate the slices in the food processor with only minor wreckage to the work bowl.

The recipe comes from the mother of famed French chef Jacques Pepin, so it’s called “Maman’s Cheese Soufflé.” Click here to see it.


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