Scent #1: See by Chloe


Here’s the official description of See by Chloe printed on the Fragrance Sampler box: “An optimistic scent, with beautiful apple blossom, designed to capture your playful charm.”

When I think back to when I was 8 or 9 years old and growing up in the suburbs, I remember it in perpetual sunny summertime. And if it was summertime, I was riding my purple bike with the flowered banana seat.

There were a few houses beyond my mom’s but the subdivision was still being developed, and construction crews were busting their butts to build lots of new houses over the summer. Every morning, after a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, possibly wearing yellow seersucker shorts, I would roll down our short driveway and into the residential street to survey the goings-on from my purple bike. By that time — mid-morning and not too hot yet — the tan and grimy construction workers had been out for hours, their small excavators parked haphazardly, and stacks of plywood everywhere. I remember the brightness of the day and sounds of construction as I pedaled coolly past. Although it can’t be true, it feels like I didn’t go back inside the house until the lightning bugs came out and my mom called me in.

When I spritzed See by Chloe on my neck this morning, that bright memory came rushing back. Nothing more optimistic than sunny summertime.


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