Scent #2: Flora by Gucci


The description of Flora by Gucci on the Fragrance Sampler box says, “Floral fruits followed by sensual, creamy woods will make you feel dreamy.”

Hm. I don’t know. It’s okay. Very feminine, flowery. Nothing extraordinary though. Not like, say, Coco Chanel.

When I was 14 or so (what is it about perfume that sends me down memory lane??), I got my first and only Gucci purse. It was navy blue and prim as an American Girl doll — definitely a starter bag for a preteen. I still have it (see picture above).

It was 1987 and the status symbol accessory was a Christmas gift from my parents — specifically, my stepdad who to this day always gets my sister and me a special Christmas gift just from him. It’s usually something small but luxe like a bracelet or Burberry wristlet.

Inside the zip pocket of my new Gucci bag was a tightly rolled $100 bill tied with a red ribbon and a tiny, square bottle of Coco Chanel. Wow. I was knocked out.

To me, Coco Chanel smells like money and Christmas and luxury — and Gucci. Flora, while nice, doesn’t rise to the Gucci name.


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