Scent #3: Dot by Marc Jacobs


{Sample vial of Marc Jacobs Dot}

The good people over at Marc Jacobs describe Dot as “a mouthwatering, juicy scent spiked with spontaneity and sparkle.”

I don’t have a lot to say about this scent. It isn’t particularly mouthwatering or juicy. It’s clean, kind of grassy, but too perfumey to say it smells like freshly cut grass.


{Marc Jacobs indigo tote – $198}

I’d rather sing the praises of the fabric totes Marc Jacobs makes. I bought one two years ago. It’s now my everyday bag. It’s respectable for work, works as a carry-on (perfect size for magazines, books, laptops), and also  serves as a tote for everyday essentials: wallet, phone, iShuffle and earbuds, bag of crayons, red Sharpies, the paper reminding me to schedule a mammogram, Aquaphor Lip Relief, etc.

Because it’s been my constant companion for the past two years, the fabric is now dingy, the stitching is coming undone, and threads are going haywire like gray hairs. I’m eyeing a new one — specifically, the indigo number above — as a one-time-only splurge. We’ll see…


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