Preschool prep


The Invisible Man? No, it’s just Magnus, getting a hot towel treatment before his big day.


Barrak took Magnus to get a haircut at Rooster’s, a new Aveda barber shop on Maxtown Road in Westerville.  Barrak tells me there’s nothing like a haircut from a professional barber who’s been doing it for decades, and I’m inclined to believe him. This haircut is better than any Mag’s ever gotten at Sports Clips or Cookie Cutters.

They also have a father-son deal where you can both get haircuts and hot towel treatments for $43. Cute.

Anyway. Big day tomorrow. First days at preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 9th grade and college — all big school milestones in my book. I’m a little worried he’ll get upset when it’s time for us to leave him in his new classroom with the wonderfully named Mrs. Million, his teacher. But he needs to get out of the house, make some friends, learn a few tricks.

As Rebecca DeMornay told Tom Cruise in Risky Business, “Joel, go to school. Go learn something.”


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