Mexican getaway


Victoria’s Secret ruffle push-up bandeau top and cheeky hipkini bottom


Victoria’s Secret linen cover-up in Sunset Glow


Victoria’s Secret drop-waist cover-up sweater in Black


Ray-Ban Thick Cat-Eye way-farers in Honey Havana

So a couple things have happened

I fell off the no-shopping wagon. Just a little bit.

In my defense, I knew the bikini would probably go back to the store — and I was right. When I came out of the bathroom wearing my new online purchase (with protective crotch tape still affixed) to get Barrak’s thoughts, I felt about as comfortable as I would with empty toilet paper rolls strategically taped to my body.

“Wait, you haven’t seen the back!” I said.

Your tail lights totally hang out of VS’s cheeky hipkini. I took the idea from highly revered style blogger Marlien Rentmeester of Le Catch. She saw them on L.A.’s young, hip beach girls, and promised it will do any butt a million favors. Unfortunately, mine is an exception.

The truth is, I really didn’t need a new swimsuit. But I do need some cover-ups and I really like the two I got. VS is actually pretty affordable and cute cover-ups are surprisingly elusive. The sunglasses, another idea I got from Le Catch, and I’m keeping those too. A girl can always use an extra pair.

The purpose of the shopping cleanse was to halt the mindless, emotional accumulating of cardigans, shoes, J. Crew jewelry and whatever else caught my fancy, pause… and go shopping in my own closet for a while to re-discover what I truly needed.

The last couple weeks, I’m feel I’m being tested. Like an alcoholic who craves a tumbler of whiskey, I am obsessed right now with buying a new, oversized Patagonia Better Sweater jacket like the one I saw Kate Hudson wearing a few weeks ago in People magazine. Or something snuggly and sporty like that.

Anyway, we’re excited about Mexico. It will be good to get away for a few days, just the two of us (and Barrak’s bosses and co-workers of course). So I got a little too excited and bought a few things. So sue me.

Can I just say that I appreciated it a little bit more when I saw the packages on the dining room table? It was a sight for sore eyes.


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