Wurst und Bier


Wurst und Bier is an odd little sports bar / bier haus hybrid in a forgotten strip mall by the Crosswoods movie theater. The sudsy ‘WuB’ sign out front doesn’t inspire confidence. Inside, it feels like you’ve discovered a great secret. They serve German street food like currywurst and traditional dishes like schnitzel.

We went there because Greta had a birthday party at Super Games, about 5 minutes away, and we wanted to catch a little bit of the Denver vs Patriots playoff game. It was one of only a few times that Magnus has had us all to himself. It was fun. I told Barrak that it will happen again when Greta goes off to college. Magnus will be around 16. I said I could not wait for the three of us to go to the movies together on a Saturday night. Are you on crack? Barrak asked me. He won’t want to do that. We’ll see…

What I loved about Wurst und Bier is they serve their Gaffel Kolsch beer in small glasses that are just the perfect size for me. The Germans believe that’s the right way to serve beer – so every pour stays fresh. I agree!


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