Homemade pizza


This past MLK Jr. Day, we spent the morning at the dentist getting cleanings and the afternoon at my sister’s house making pizza.

I made the dough the night before using Gwyneth Paltrow’s pizza dough recipe.  Click here to see it reprinted in her GOOP newsletter.

A couple things about pizza dough:

  • It’s really easy to make
  • It’s a fun activity for kids when it’s the dead of winter or for slumber parties
  • It’s hard to get crispy without a wood-fired oven so just know that going in
  • There are a million recipes and the measurements vary wildly

Again, Gwynnie came through with a foolproof recipe.



Here’s what the yeast, water mixture looks like: chocolate milky.







The dough sits on the counter or goes in the fridge overnight to rise.



It always amazes me when dough rises. It’s fun for kids and 40-year-olds to punch it down into submission.



Awww… Mag’s first dental cleaning ever!



Both of Greta’s top-front teeth are wiggly! This ought to be good.



With dental check-ups behind us, we set up pizza shop on Bran’s enviable marble counters and divided the dough into six balls – one for everyone.



Mag’s pizza came out first. Not too shabby.






Satisfied customers.



Bran had some slow-roasted tomatoes left over from Gwyneth’s slow-roasted tomato & smoked mozzarella crostini recipe, so we put those on our pizza. So, so good.

It was great spending the afternoon with my sister.


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