Getting a tan in 12 degrees

I love having a tan but I would rather be pasty-white than get in a tanning bed. The hair salon I occasionally go to in uptown Westerville offers spray tan services. So at the risk of coming out orange or streaky, I gave it a try.  I have to say, it looks pretty natural and not streaky at all.


My package of two at the Michael David Salon in uptown Westerville was $60. You can pay as you go.



You strip down to whatever you feel comfortable with — bottoms on, top on, both or neither — put your hair in a shower cap, stand on dark towels in a 3-walled tent, and a girl sprays you with light, medium or dark color. She has you turn every which way and stand like a scarecrow. They recommend just a light spray on your face and can go heavier on your legs, or wherever you want.


Then the girl leaves and has you stand in front of a counter fan for 5 minutes, then get dressed and get the hell out.


It takes about 30 minutes from the time you get in the small room to the time you walk your tan self out of there. Into the frozen streets and 12-degree air.


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