Four things

1. California turkey chili



Here’s my bowl, topped with sharp white cheddar, chopped avocado & sour cream.

The recipe is from Giada’s new cookbook, Giada’s Feel Good Food, a Valentine’s Day present from Barrak. What drew me to it: poblano peppers and warming spices like cinnamon and clove. The brown sugar made it slightly too sweet for Barrak. Once you add savory toppings like cheese and avocado, though, it offsets the sweetness.

Click here for the recipe on Food Network’s website.

2. Marc Jacobs wallet


My sister and I went to dinner together last night. It was so nice. She was a great dinner date. And when it was time to pay, we realized we have nearly identical wallets: gray Marc Jacobs.

3. Clinique Moisture Surge Trio


I bought this set, which includes a jar of Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, a face spray and an eye rollerball, at the duty-free shop in the Cancun airport. My face was so dry and tight from sunburn and that damn Milk of Magnesia mask — it was a moisturizing emergency. Barrak and I ripped open the box and took turns scooping the pink gel out of the jar and slathering it on our faces while rushing through U.S. Customs.

4. Aquaphor


This stuff was not on my radar until we had kids. It is a healing balm for whatever ails your skin: red, burning nose when you have a cold; chapped lips; red, peeling skin. It’s kind of a miracle. Definitely a desert island must-have.


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