Bob Evans Lettuce

{Magnus and his baby manatee, Bob Evans Lettuce}

First, this is not a post about a salad I had at Bob Evans.

Both my kids love visiting the manatee aquarium at the zoo. Truth is, Barrak and I love it too. It has a humid, Florida feeling (I know my mom is shuddering at those words right now).

Greta is behind our family’s love of the manatees. It was the first stuffed animal she ever got from the zoo.

Following in his sister’s footsteps, Mag has had a stuffed baby manatee for a year or so. During that time, it’s name has been Lettuce. If you’ve ever been to the manatee aquarium at the zoo, you know why.

This week, Lettuce got a new name: Bob Evans. We haven’t eaten at Bob Evans in years so I’m not sure what’s behind the name change. When I asked Magnus, he said, “Cos that’s a good name.” Can’t argue with that. Lettuce is now the surname.

Like a lot of kids his age, Mag pronounces his Ls like Ws. Examples: “I’m wittle!” “That is de-wish-ious!” “That’s a hav-a-ween-a in my ‘Who Pooped in the Sonoran Desert’ book!” That last one makes us laugh.

So it’s actually Bob Evans Wettuce.

Is this an example of a mom who thinks everything her kids do is cute? Sorry, couldn’t help it.



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