Conspiracy theories


It seems like my Clinical Strength Stress Response Secret for Women deodorant is actually making things worse.

And, it seems like my CeraVe Eye Repair Cream is making my eyes puffier and baggier than ever!

That’s it. I’m going back to good old fashioned, straight-up Dove deodorant. I’ve given it a trial run this week. So far, so good.

And F this eye cream. I’m going rogue.


Peony Watch

It’s T minus 30 days to bloom (it’s usually a Memorial Day weekend event) and I’m starting to see progress!


Photo taken today, April 26


How they looked just a few weeks ago, on April 12


A week of perfect TV and junk food

If I suddenly led a life where nutrition, household chores, and getting the kids bathed and in bed didn’t matter, here’s what I’d eat and watch on DVR:

Bag of peanut M&Ms and a glass of Orin Swift ‘E’ red wine
On TV: Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Lays potato chips (the folded over ones), french onion sour cream chip dip from a dive carryout like Lawson’s, and a tall glass of Coke with crushed ice
On TV: True Blood

A baked sub with mayo, lettuce, tomato, hot peppers, Italian sliced meats and cheeses and a glass of The Prisoner
On TV: Justified

A cheese cannelloni Lean Cuisine and some watermelon chunks
On TV: Louie

A milkshake of Jeni’s coffee ice cream, Bailey’s and cognac
On TV: American Horror Story

A dish of hot, creamy spinach-artichoke dip with a sleeve of crackers
On TV: Downton Abbey

Microwaved extra-butter popcorn and a Stella Artois in a frosty glass
On TV: True Detective


Real Gone


We took the training wheels off Greta’s bike last weekend. That day and every evening since, she has vehemently resisted offers to take a few trial runs. Then  yesterday, we were goofing around in the driveway and she quietly rolled it out of the garage.

First, she just sat on it. Then she scooted on it a little bit. Then she made me pinky-promise not to let go as we took a few swerving rides down the sidewalk.

Barrak took over, and did the gut-wrenching job of letting go of the back of the bike. Within minutes, she was off — speeding down the sidewalk like she’d been doing it for years. My girl is a wonder.