Eye openers


I consider myself a bare-bones girl when it comes to make-up. I don’t like to mess with extra steps like primer, illuminating powders and sticks, bronzer, brow pencils, and multiple layers of lip stuff (stick, gloss, etc.).


I saw this “how to open your eyes in 3 steps” demo online, and one of the featured products was Anastasia Brow Duality pencil in Matte Camille and Sand Shimmer. It’s basically a really soft, fat eye pencil; one end is a matte cream color and the other end is a beige shimmer. You line your waterline along your eyeball with the matte end, and dab the inner and outer corners of your eye with the shimmery end.

I’ve had people (dumb people) ask me if I’m Chinese, or if I have trouble seeing given my eye shape. So I’m always looking for ways to do my eyes better.

So needless to say, I bought the Anastasia Brow Duality pencil and I really like it.

When I popped into the little Sephora outpost within JCPenney to pick up the Anastasia pencil, I got to talking to the really cool and knowledgeable sales girl there. She was like a younger, shorter, friendlier Macy Gray with bright orange glossy lips.  She seemed to really know her stuff, so when she asked, Is this pencil all you need? I posed this question to her: “If there was one product you would recommend for my face right now, what would it be?”

Without hesitation, she asked, “Do you have mascara on?”

I did, but obviously it wasn’t doing much for me.

I immediately started blabbing to her like she was a therapist. I told her I avoid eyeliner because it gets to be a greasy mess by lunchtime — all smeared under my eyes, on my lids, etc. At the end of the day, when I finally catch a glimpse in the mirror, I go, Ughhhhh…..

She recommended Buxom Hold the Line Waterproof Eyeliner. So I got that too, in a pretty metallic dark chocolate color. She was right. It glides on very easily but miraculously does not smear.


Then as I was paying, I remembered my sister’s devotion to Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Sephora Girl heartily shared Bran’s professional opinion so I picked up a little tube.

And THAT, my friends, has been the best purchase ever. It takes an extra 15 seconds and my eye makeup stays PUT. But good!



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