Muffins with Moms

Today, Magnus, Greta and I went off in the rain to the school’s annual Muffins with Moms event. For $4.50, we got muffins the size of Whoppers, a bottle of water, a container of apple juice and a single-serving carton of milk.

The cafeteria was packed with hyped up kids and unsure looking moms shaking rain off umbrellas and raincoats and sizing each other up. Greta’s little girlfriends greeted her with hugs like it’s been longer than a birthday party this past Saturday since they saw each other.

There was one seat left at their table and I could tell Greta wanted to sit with them. This isn’t Greta’s first rodeo — or her first Muffins with Moms. So off she went.


Magnus and I sat at a table where we didn’t know anyone. But he couldn’t care less about socializing. He was in it for the muffins.


And the beverages.


First, he drank about the bottle of water.


Then he drank the apple juice.


Then he drank the milk.


He thought it was hi-WARE-ious.





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