Happy Mother’s Day


These are two of my favorite pictures of my mom.

I took the one on the left in the summer of 1989, or thereabouts. We had rented a houseboat on Lake Cumberland. It was a fun family vacation, even though we didn’t do much except slide off the twin slides on the back of the boat, and waterski and tube off the back of the speedboat we towed all the way to Kentucky. It rained a few days, and on this morning as you can see out the kitchen window of the boat. Those days, we played a lot of gin rummy. I love this picture because my mom looks so relaxed and happy. Her hair is kind of messy and cute – it’s pretty rare to see her with her hair up in a pony.

I took the one on the right in 1991 or so, as part of a college photography class. The assignment was “a day in the life” so I did a Day in the Life of my Mom. It must have been a Monday because I followed her around the grocery story, and she has done her grocery shopping on Mondays ever since I was in 9th grade. Here, I tried to be artsy by getting behind the cookie & bakery case and shooting her through the glass. She looks so pretty.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!


One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. These are two of my favorites too! I think she was cooking fish in that pan so she probably wasn’t as happy as we’d like to think since we know how much mom dislikes fish but it’s still a good memory:) Happy Mother’s Day to my favorite sister!

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