Chocolate peanut butter globs


I make an oatmeal, chocolate chip, pecan and Craisin cookie that has come to be known as “Greta cookies.” Greta likes to help me make them, and she certainly likes to eat them. Barrak even has his own cookie – a chocolate chip and cinnamon number with a powdered sugar icing. For quite a while, we have been on the hunt for a namesake cookie for Magnus.

These chocolate peanut butter globs are definitely a contender.

First, you gotta love the name: globs. That’s sort of what they look as you plop big spoonfuls of brownie-like batter on a baking sheet: gloopy globs of good melted chocolate, whole pecans and walnuts (don’t you dare chop them!), and peanut butter chips. With hardly any flour, they’re not as cakey as a cookie so they lost Barrak’s vote. They’re more like undercooked brownies or fudge, and rich as all get-out. A glass of milk is a must. These were a bedtime snack Saturday night. Magnus rejoiced in his two globs so thoroughly that he had chocolate up near his ears and his PJ tee had to be changed.

Click here for the recipe, courtesy of Barefoot Contessa.


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