Snowville creamery


Today we drove two hours southeast through Athens to Pomeroy, OH for a tour of Snowville Creamery, which is out in the middle of rolling nowhere. Magnus is a big fan of their white and chocolate milk, and their vanilla yogurt. He was happy to try their free samples. Greta got to pet a pretty brown calf. A lady named Joy demonstrated how to make butter with Snowville whipping cream. She was doing it by shaking a jar by hand for 5 minutes but said you can also use a Kitchen-Aid. Pretty neat!

I guess it’s called Snowville because that’s originally where the owner was going to set up shop – it’s apparently just up the road from Pomeroy.

The guy who gave the tour of the ‘milking parlor,’ where they milk a couple hundred cows twice a day, attributes Snowville’s superior taste to their processing, their ‘low and short’ pasteurization and that their cows are mostly grass-fed.


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