Daisy Dash


{Racing toward the finish line, Greta, in turquoise, dusts the little girl in the tutu}

Greta ran her first organized race today, a 1-mile “Daisy Dash.” It was the first ever Daisy Dash, a run for moms and daughters benefitting the Ronald McDonald House. The race was sponsored by Skechers, American Girl and McDonald’s. There was more bright pink on display today than at the Barbie flagship store in New York City.

Greta was into the idea a few months ago, so I signed us up. Then after our second training run around the block, she announced she did NOT want to do the race. As a runner myself, I am familiar with that feeling of ‘what was I thinking when I signed up for that.’ So we just kind of ignored it. Cut to Race Day.

She was a little grouchy about it this morning but as soon as we got to Easton, where the race was being held, she started to get into the party atmosphere. There were little girls her age everywhere; she even ran into one of her little friends from school, Izzy.

She wanted to hold my hand most of the race, which we did even though it was an exceedingly sticky and warm morning. Occasionally, she wanted to walk. And like any good racer, she picked up her pace considerably as we rounded the corner to the finish line.

I think she got the bug today.

IMG_1135 IMG_1128 IMG_1125

{Magnus beamed with pride from the sidelines}



One thought on “Daisy Dash

  1. Great job Greta Bell ,Grandma an Grandpaaaaaaa are very proud of you for running in the marathon an helping your “OLD Chubby Mom to the finish line!!!!!!!!!

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