Dinner at Be Our Guest


We couldn’t get a reservation here last year, so I made sure to snap one up as soon as my window opened this year. Still, the only res I could get was at 8:35 p.m. and we were just SO done by then. The heat today was like an oven. I actually worried that having the kids sitting in the stroller was akin to leaving them in a hot car. It was baking hot.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to go to Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom because it looks so neat from the outside and I’ve heard it’s cool inside. It’s Beast’s castle so it looks very ominous and stately on the outside. The inside is three large dining rooms: a crappy one you don’t want to be in, a beautiful ballroom where the back window is designed to look like it’s snowing (where we were sat, thankfully), and a very dark ‘evil’ one where a rose under glass is suspended in mid-air as a symbol of the curse put on the Beast.

The food is french and this is the only place in the Magic Kingdom where you can order beer and wine. Under the dining plan, we were allowed to pick an entree and a dessert. The food was just OK but the ballroom was worth it.

And you can’t go in just to look. You have to eat there to check it out. It’s also where you can meet Beast but neither of my kids wanted to.







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