Day 3 – EPCOT

Today we played at the pool through lunch, then came up to the room to cool off, shower and get ready for EPCOT. We had backloaded all our reservations and fast passes at the end of the day so we got to EPCOT around 2pm.

To get to EPCOT, you have to take the monorail to the ‘transfer station,’ and get on a different monorail that only goes to EPCOT.

EPCOT is divided into two halves: the side that has rides in the Seas, the Land, Mission: Earth and the like; and, the World Showcase, which is a curved avenue of countries and good places to eat, drink and shop for souvenirs.

The first thing we did at EPCOT was duck into a meet & greet with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. It was only a 20-minute wait. Then, Chip and Dale were around the corner.


Next, we headed to the Seas, which houses an aquarium, a cute 10-minute interactive show starring Crush the Spicoli-like turtle, and a leisurely Nemo ride in a half-shell.


The Nemo ride is definitely worth doing.

But the big hit of the day was Soarin’ – a ride that takes you flying over California: high above the Golden Gate Bridge, over snow-covered mountains in Lake Tahoe, and across the ocean off Malibu. It really feels like your dangling feet could brush the tops of trees or crashing waves. It was exhilarating and also kind of freaky. There’s a sign at the beginning that says if you’re afraid to fly or prone to motion sickness, you should not ride. Well, that’s me on both counts but I didn’t want to miss it. It’s a crazy optical illusion: it feels like you’re 100 feet high but you’re really only 5 or 6 feet off the ground.

I tried to focus the whole time on not being a chickenshit and just enjoying the amazing vantage point. Magnus was just barely tall enough. You have to be 40 inches tall. You also have to have a fast pass if you don’t want to wait more than an hour.


We made our way to the World Showcase as heavy raindrops started to fall and loud thunderbolts rocked the sky. It seemed like the path in front of us was about to split from the loud, low booms. Our reservation at Germany’s Biergarten was still hours away but they thankfully let us in early.

It was buffet style. I was happy with my roast chicken, warm German potato salad, red cabbage and cheesy noodle kugel. Barrak had sausages, sauerkraut and a liter of German beer. And Magnus had pork schnitzel, pickles and cheese. Greta, however, wasn’t buying our story that the traditional German sausages were traditional German hot dogs. She had two pretzel rolls. She has been incredibly picky this trip which causes strife and sometimes tears at the dinner table. I hate it.


It was still raining afterward so we aborted our plans to meet Aladdin & Jasmine at Morocco, Duffy the Bear, Belle at France and maybe Mulan at Japan. I had been hoping for a gelato at Italy but who wants to eat that in the rain? We also had to forgo seeing IllumiNations at 9 or so. We bought four ponchos at $9 (adult) and $8 (child) apiece, a Bailey’s & coffee from the bakery at Norway, and made a run for the monorail.

Kind of a bummer way to end the day. Hoping for better weather tomorrow.



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