Day 4 – Hollywood Studios

20140722-161334-58414701.jpg 20140722-225048-82248718.jpg

Today we went to Hollywood Studios, arriving around 10 a.m. and running from thing to thing until about 3 p.m. We played at the pool until 5 p.m. then finagled a spot at Chef Mickey’s for dinner even though we didn’t have a reservation. It’s character dining in our resort. We met Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto.

It started raining while we were there but then it seemed to let up. So we got on the monorail and headed for the Magic Kingdom. The wisdom of that, well… it really never stopped raining. The upside was, it cooled the evening off. We rode It’s a Small World again, then got in line for Thunder Mountain. The stand-by time said 20 minutes. It was much longer. It was stifling humid as we inched along the line. Soon, Magnus fell asleep and Greta was saying she wanted to go. So having waited about 45 minutes, we had to jump over a rail and head out an exit. Magnus, deep in sleep with his damp face burrowed in my neck, had to be carried from deep in Frontierland all the way out of the park and up the hill to the monorail station – all 40, warm, sticky, damp with rain, sleeping pounds of him.

This wasn’t one of those perfect vacation days.


Greta met Sophia the First at Hollywood Studios.

20140722-161339-58419424.jpg 20140722-225046-82246844.jpg


This was really cool. It was the Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show at Hollywood Studios. We had a fast pass but in retrospect, I’m not sure why. It’s a show, so everyone shows up at the same time and you sit in bleachers. They demonstrate how they do car stunts in movies. Lightning McQueen also made a guest appearance. Mag was into it. Barrak and I liked it too. Greta didn’t like all the loud bangs and explosions.


The New York set.




A replica of the famous Hollywood Derby.


The Muppet 3D movie is really cute. You go in a movie theater and watch about 10 minutes of 3D muppet hijinks. It’s a nice way to sit and relax in the AC.

20140722-225045-82245493.jpg 20140722-225045-82245948.jpg

We ate at the Sci-Fi Drive-In restaurant for lunch. The dining room is very dark, and families are seated in old ’50s cars while snippets of low-budget sci-fi movies and old cartoons play. Cute concept but I didn’t like that you can’t sit facing each other; instead, it’s three rows of two per car and you all face toward the screen. Also, it’s really quiet. It’s like you’re not allowed to talk. And the food was, as usual, just OK. I guess the one cool thing was the kids get to experience a drive-in.


Here we are on Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios. It’s fun. 3D. It’s not a thrill ride. You try to ‘shoot’ stuff for points, like an arcade game, while moving along a flat track that kind of tilt-a-whirls you through to the end. Fast-pass.


This is not a fancy restaurant at all. It’s a buffet and there are kids running around everywhere. I thought the food was fine; I had bone-in roasted lemon pepper chicken, eggplant lasagna, lobster mac & cheese, and a magic cocktail that turned colors. Barrak thought the food was terrible. He had sliced beef, spare ribs, shrimp. The kids had penne with marinara and about a bazillion chicken tenders. They gave it 4 thumbs up, so that’s what’s important. That’s why we’re here.

After Donald left, Magnus said, “He is so soft!”













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