Day 5 – Breakfast at ‘Ohana

Yesterday, we had an 8:30 a.m. reservation for breakfast at ‘Ohana, which is the signature restaurant at the Polynesian, where we stayed last year. It was fun to go back to the resort we loved so much.

‘Ohana does a character breakfast with Lilo & Stitch. They were there, and so were Mickey and his usual posse. They make the rounds to every table, sign autographs, give hugs, take pictures. They know the routine. Then they do a parade around the restaurant with all the kids. It’s cute.

You don’t order from a menu. Everyone gets a basket of Hawaiian sweet rolls, coffee, a mango-OJ, fresh fruit, a big community platter of scrambled eggs, sausage & potatoes, and all the Mickey-shaped waffles you can eat. This, for $100. You’re down a table service after eating here.

20140724-090325-32605678.jpg 20140724-090326-32606526.jpg



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