Day 5 – Dinner at Wilderness Lodge


This is one of the other resorts I’ve always wanted to stay in. It looks like something you’d find in Colorado or Alaska: a massive, all-wood hunting lodge with red Western rugs, a big roaring fireplace in the lobby, and lanterns hung on posts all around the grounds. The big drawback has been that it’s not on the monorail, which is so convenient when you have little ones who can’t tolerate monorail-to-bus station walks after a long day at the park.

We had to do a quick-service dinner last night to save our last table service for breakfast at ‘Ohana. All the resorts have at least one really nice table service restaurant, a casual table service restaurant where you still get to sit down and be served, and a bargain-basement quick service option that’s usually like a cafeteria.

Well, we’ve seen the one at the Contemporary (pretty crappy) so we decided to take a boat over to the Wilderness Lodge to check out their quick service (also pretty crappy, it turns out). But the boat ride over was fun, and I got to nose around the Wilderness Lodge. People eat at the other resorts all the time; it’s not a big deal since they’re really not in true competition.

I’d love to stay here another time.

20140724-144654-53214264.jpg 20140724-144655-53215165.jpg


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