Day 6 – Dinner at Downtown Disney


This is the first time we’ve been to Downtown Disney, or as Barrak was calling it, Downton Disney. It’s essentially an outdoor promenade of restaurants and shops. All the restaurants feel independent but they all take the Disney Dining Plan.

It was nice to explore a new part of Disney but the place seemed lame – smaller than I pictured and not a lot of excitement or energy. A lot of it is under construction so you ended up just walking through streets looking at privacy walls that say ‘pardon our dust.’ It looked like they were redesigning the entire layout.

We heard Raglan Road, an Irish Pub, was good but they didn’t have anything Greta would eat. So we ate at Fulton’s Crab House – which had no wait and lots of things the kids will eat – and it was a classic vacation dinner. It’s exactly the kind of seafood place you want to eat at least once while vacationing in Florida: raw oysters with hot sauce, fried calamari, Florida grouper, crab cakes, lobster bisque, with a view of the water. White tablecloths but with white butcher paper on the tables for kids to color. It was a splurge but a good memory.



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