There’s no place like home

After Barrak superglued his flip-flop together, we departed Orlando ahead of the thunderstorms that roll through the city every day around 3:30 p.m. As soon as we landed, I texted my sister – our tradition as skittish fliers. I also told her I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed. The bedding at the Contemporary was always heavy and damp with humidity. Ugh.

We’re happy to be home. Here are some parting shots:

Greta couldn’t wait to ride her scooter around the driveway in her Ariel wig.


Here’s a picture of Minnie Mouse’s autograph from one of the kids’ books.


And here’s the picture that would sum up a central theme of our trip. It was supposed to be a beauty shot of our room at the Contemporary. But you’ll notice Barrak off to the right tinkering with the thermostat. That was just the beginning of a war between man and thermostat. Our room had 80% humidity no matter how low we turned the AC.









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